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Guitar Cable Capacitance and Resonant Frequency

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From our knowledge of Guitar Cable Capacitance and Resonant Frequency we know that a cables capacitance per unit length multiplied by its actual unit length (i.e. total capacitance) is the aspect of a copper (or silver) core guitar cable that affects our tone the most (almost entirely in fact) other than noise from electromagnetic interference and tribolectric microphonics (which aren't actually affecting tone as such, but rather presenting additional extraneous noise).

Therefore if we are to compare cables it is most useful to compare their capacitance ratings, though we should also be aware of their shielding type and coverage, and overall long term durability and handling properties to make properly informed decisions.

Remember that comparing cable capacitance per metre without considering the actual length of cable intended is meaningless as for example a 9 metre cable of 50pF/metre capacitance and a 3 metre cable of 150pF/metre capacitance will have identical overall capacitance and the same effect therefore on your tone.

Guitar Cable Capacitance (Signal Core to Shield per Metre)
Sommer Spirit LLX 52pF Shootout 'Black Powder' Cables!
Van Damme Silver Series Session Grade Lo-Cap 55pF
Best-Tronics CA-0446 66pF
Connectronics Rockflex 66pF
George L's .155 67pF*
George L's .225 67pF*
Hosa CGK 68pF
Klotz AC110 70pF
Mogami 3368 70pF
Gepco XB20UB 73pF
Sommer Stratos 75pF
Klotz Titanium 75pF
Sommer Classique 78pF Shootout 'Shooting Jacket' Cables!
Sommer Spirit 78pF
Sommer Corona 78pF
Cordial CGK 122 82pF
Sommer Tricone XXL 85pF Shootout 'Boot Hill' Cables!
Sommer Tricone MKII 85pF
Sommer Spirit XXL 86pF Shootout 'Gun Smoke' Cables!
Cordial CGK175 88pF
Cordial CGK Road 75 88pF
Van Damme Pro Grade XKE 90pF
Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE 90pF
Van Damme Silver Series Session Grade Flat-Cap 90pF
Adam Hall KIK122 95pF
Klotz AC106 95pF
Proel HPC140 105pF
Hosa Zaolla Silverline 105pF
Klotz AC104 115pF
Whirlwind Accusonic+1 115pF
Conquest Sound USA 1 115pF
Conquest Sound TL 115pF
Proel HPC110 120pF
Proel HPC130 120pF
Adam Hall 7115 122pF
Van Damme Silver Series Session Grade Hi-Cap 125pF
Sommer Colonel Incredible 130pF
Mogami 2524 130pF
Cordial CIK 122 130pF
Gotham Audio GAC-1 146pF
Belden 9778 148pF
Canare GS-4 154pF
Mogami 2319 155pF
Canare GS-6 160pF
Free The Tone CU-416 160pF
Belden 8412 190pF

Please note that some cables are not available bulk, therefore we at SHOOTOUT! have no practical use for them, and they are more likely to not be listed on the chart. There are also cable manufacturers who do not publish their cable specifications, and then we have to wonder why! ;O)

* The information above was taken directly from guitar cable manufacturer published specifications at the time of writing except for George L's which were taken from two separate retailers.

If there is a cable not listed that you wish to compare but find it to be specified with imperial measurement, then for your reference 1 metre = 3.2808399 feet.

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