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AC alternating current hum is a low frequency fixed frequency drone of 50Hz-60Hz that can be a problem in one of two ways:

1. The guitar cables are connected to more than one amplifier.

This is a ground loop issue and can be addressed by splitting the guitar signal using an isolating circuit and is not a cable design consideration.

2. The guitar cable is near to AC power sources.

This is a cable design consideration, however the issue is that heavily insulating a signal against such interference is beyond the practical scope of traditional guitar cable design. Low frequencies have a lot of energy and just like low frequency sound waves being much more difficult to block in recording studio, industrial and home sound insulation situations, likewise AC hum could be problematic.

The solution therefore is putting distance between the source of the hum and the guitar cable and being careful with certain mains based units such as transformers:

a) avoid running a guitar cable near to and parallel with a mains cable
b) avoid guitar cable proximity to mains transformers
c) avoid using noisy hum inducing mains transformers for example to power pedals
d) avoid coiling guitar cables that are too long when in use

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