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From: Shootout Guitar Cables UK'Gun Smoke' Guitar Cable

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The Sommer (Germany) Spirit LLX instrument cable has an ultra low capacitance (lower than any other we have found), is one of the very best guitar cables available in the World and is used in our SHOOTOUT! 'BLACK POWDER' GUITAR CABLE range where it is combined with G&H (USA) Copper Core Plugs using Interflux (Belgium) Lead, Halogen and Rosin Free Silver Solder for maximum reliability and conductivity; and provided with strain relief using Rayshrink (France) Heatshrink Tubing.

We like the ultra low capacitance, the double shielding against interference and microphonics, the materials and construction used for longevity, and the great flexibility compared to many other ultra low capacitance cables.

We therefore highly recommend you try these cables yourself for home, stage and studio use! This is our current top of the range premium cable.

Manufacturer: Sommer Cable GmbH (Germany)

Capacitance (Conductor/Shield): 52pF per metre

Conductor Resistance: 48 Ohm per kilometre

Copper Conductor: 19 copper strands totalling 0.7mm diameter (AWG21)

Insulation Resistance: 1 GigaOhm per kilometre

Shielding: Braided Copper Shield

Outer Jacket Diameter: 7.5mm

Outer Jacket Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Colour: 100% Opaque Black

Weight: 55 grams per metre

Fire Load: 0.26 kWH

Temperature Range: -30 C Minimum to 70 C Maximum


Black Line