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For your pedal board where space is at a premium and your pedals really need to get it together we offer you our 'Boot Hill' guitar patch cable range (in enough lengths to avoid having to use a solderless system) using the Sommer Tricone XXL instrument cable and pancake jack plugs.*

Stablemate to the Sommer Spirit XXL guitar cable which we use in our 'Gun Smoke' Guitar Cables the Sommer Tricone XXL has similar professional guitar cable qualities such as low capacitance, excellent microphonics rejection, durable long lasting superior braided shielding, and first class manufacture.

However Sommer Tricone XXL cable has a slightly smaller diameter making it very suitable for use with the space saving pancake jack plugs and is more bendable than thicker cables to avoid shielding failure due to tight curves on tight boards. Since the shielding is braided it will not unravel when bent like the inferior spiral shielding used on many other guitar patch cables.

They are soldered properly for either same side facing jack plugs or opposite side facing jack plugs depending upon their intended use to avoid twisting and damaging the cable. This is very important indeed for reliability and longevity.

The 'Boot Hill' range of pedal board patch cables are carefully assembled and tested in the UK by SHOOTOUT! These cables are shipped internationally.

* We only combine best in class products for our cables. There are only two pancake plug products on the market that can that be considered at all suitable. One is low cost from Asia and works perfeclty with our cable selection however manufacturing inconsistencies meant an unacceptable 50% rate of non-solderability with highly problematic gunky soldering tabs, the other is an expensive USA product that is awkard to solder and is not so well suited to our ideal cable choice. Neither is acceptable to Shootout for our sanity and our customers' purchases, hence we gave away our successful prototypes as free gifts with our first guitar cable sales.


We use and sell only products that are best in class that we would be delighted with ourselves at a reasonable price and due to pancake jack plug specification and manufacturing issues of third parties we have not yet been able to bring this type of product to market. We will keep an open mind and continue to look for new options.


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