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The Sommer (Germany) Tricone XXL Guitar Patch Cable is a lower diameter stablemate to the Sommer Spirit XXL Guitar Cable as used in our Shootout 'Gun Smoke' Guitar Cable range, and as such is used for our 'Boot Hill' Guitar Patch Cables range for pedals and pedal boards where it is combined with Switchcraft (USA) Right-Angle Pancake Jack Plugs using Interflux (Belgium) Lead-Halogen-Rosin Free Silver Alloy Solder for maximum reliability and conductivity.

As with the Sommer Spirit XXL we like the low capacitance, the braided shielding against interference and carbon shield against microphonics, the materials used for longevity, the feel and flexibility of the new long lifeouter jacket compound, and on this particular cable, the diameter which is just right so that we can use the low-profile pancake jack plugs and get your pedals spaced more closely together and supplied with great tone. Larger cables can be over compressed by pancake jack plug cable exit holes and their shielding can be compromised due to the extra tension when bent to tight curves.

We highly recommend you try these patch cables yourself on your pedal board, and that you buy lots of pedals, as you know you can never have too many pedals! ;O)

Name: Sommer Tricone XXL Guitar Cable

Manufacturer: Sommer Cable GmbH of Germany

Capacitance (Conductor/Shield): < 85 pF per metre

Conductor Resistance: < 90 Ohm per kilometre

Insulation Resistance: > 1 GOhm per kilometre

Outer Jacket Diameter: 5.9 mm

Outer Jacket Material: Long Life Compound

Shielding: Tin Plated Copper Braid with Carbon Semiconductor

Copper Conductor: 28 x 0.15mm strands totalling 0.5mm (AWG20)

Weight: 44 grams per metre

Fire Load: 0.27 kWH

Temperature Range: -25 C Minimum to +60 C Maximum

Colour: Solid Black

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