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Guitar Cable 3m

The Sommer (Germany) Classique instrument cable is a great looking guitar cable featuring cloth fabric tweed covering. Exhibiting very low capacitance, excellent microphonics rejection, durable long lasting braided shielding, and classic vintage good looks, it also has a great feel and good handling properties.

This cable is combined with the best jacks by G&H Industries (USA), soldered using lead-halogen-rosin free silver solder by Interflux (Belgium), and features 100% maximal strain relief from glued halogen free heatshrink tubing by Rayshrink (France).
Shooting Jacket Guitar Cable Heat Shrink
Carefully assembled and tested in the UK by SHOOTOUT! This cable is shipped internationally.


Recommended for home, stage and studio... essential vintage style for jazzers, country pickers and blues players.

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Sommer Classique Cable:
• Sommer (Germany) manufacturing specifications
• Low capacitance (76pF per metre) for excellent frequency transmission
• Durable double shielding for long lasting interference rejection
• Flexible construction for excellent handling qualities
• Classic yellow vintage tweed cloth fabric outer

G&H 1/4" High Definition Jack Plugs:
• G&H (USA) manufacture
• Unique copper core maximum conductivity
• Ultimate reliability due to the single copper core that would still work if bent rather than the many various alloy parts of Asian made plugs that may just fall to pieces
• Cable outlet hole is sized properly for the cable and heat shrink
• Hard wearing nickel contacts and gunmetal black barrel to complete the look

UK original equipment manufacture by Shootout Guitar Cables:
• Great care and attention to detail on behalf of our customers
• Each cable tested before shipment
• Halogen free glued heat shrink applied for extra strain relief and protection
• Lead-halogen-rosin free silver alloy solder for high conductivity and safety


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