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The Kemper Profiler is a wonderful piece of technology which can profile a snapshot of a recorded amp tone and replicate it to a very high degree of authenticity; however it is therefore entirely reliant on the quaility of the profiles and also has a quite limited ability to tweak a tone without that authentic sound then falling apart.

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of commercially available profiles for sale to save you some time in your Kemper tone quest for the best profiles for sale other than the thousands of freebies to be found at the Kemper Rig Exchange.

When listening to profile examples do remember that a great guitar tone is a highly subjective thing; that a recorded amp sounds very different to listening to it directly; and that the tones heard on records are usually studio compressed, equalized and effected very significantly.

Whilst you're here, since you’ll also want to get your guitar’s signal into your Kemper as intact as possible, check out our guitar cables, because they are the best on the planet.

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A/M Audio Profiles

Acle Kahney

Ampire Tones

Audio Vault Studio


3 Sigma Audio

Benson Amps

Bert Meulendijk

Big Hairy Profiles

Brian Carl

Chop Tones

Double Impact

Dr. Z Amplification

Extended Range Guitar Nerds

Fremen Presets

Frog Leap Studios

G1 Productions

Glen Allen Production

Golden Lion Audio


Joseph Wu

Josh Middleton

King Sound Studio

Lancaster Audio

Live Ready Sound

Marco Fanton

Massimo Varini

M Britt

Michael Wagener

Mix Berlin Studios


Perfect Mix Profiles

Pete’s Profiles

Pinhole Sound Studio

Reamp Zone

Rick Beato


Rock Profiles

Rosen Digital

Selah Sounds

Silent Underground Studio

Sin Mix

Sonic Underground


Spencer Peppard

STL Tones

The Amp Factory

Till Schleicher


Tone Hawk

Tone Junkie

Tone Thieves

Top Jimi

Travis Boothman

Urban Allen Six

Victory Amps


Black Line